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Carrettiera is our spicy garlic tomato based sauce. It gets its name from the "carrettiere" or the people that would pull the carts to and from the central market. This was a quick and easy meal to make after a long day at the market


Mediterraneo is our most hearty sauce made with a tomato base to which we add a special blend of eggplant, peas and mushrooms. This was Duccio's grandfather's recipe that was only passed on to Duccio and his father.

Pomodoro e basilico

Pomodoro e Basilico is our basic tomato and basil sauce. This is a very versatile sauce that can be used for anything you can dream up. Each family in Italy has their own interpretation of this sauce and this is our family's version.

Fun fact

The number on the bottom left-hand side of our label is the "Onomastico" or name day of three of our family members.